PHC Board of Directors & Chairman's Advisory Council

PHC Board (Aug.. 2018)
Richard A. Ray, chairman
Montreat, NC

William Scheu, vice chairman
Montreat, NC

William S. Sibley, treasurer
Greenville, SC

Sue Diehl, secretary
Montreat, NC

John N. Akers
Montreat, NC

John Azumah
Decatur, GA

Edna Banes
Montreat, NC

Mason Blake
Montreat, NC

Terry Brown Butler
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Martha D. Campbell
Montreat, NC

James A. Cogswell
Black Mountain, NC

William E. Dudley
Signal Mountain, TN

Howard Edington
Montreat, NC

Martha Farmer
Atlanta, GA

Paul H. Grier
Greenville, SC

PHC Board (Aug. 2018)
John Hinkle
Montreat, NC

David Lindsay
Charlotte, NC

Peter McKay
Charlotte, NC

Henry W. Neale
Montreat, NC

R. Jackson Sadler
Asheville, NC

Donald Saunders
Blowing Rock, NC

Eloise Shepherd
Atlanta, GA

Judy Shuford
Montreat, NC

J. Eric Skidmore
Columbia, SC

Kay L. Stockdale
Swannanoa, NC

Scott Sunquist
Pasadena, CA

Jan S. O. Swetenburg
Charlotte, NC

Letta Jean Taylor
Kiawah, SC

Roy Taylor
Atlanta, GA

Alva Whitehead
Florence, SC

Chairman's Advisory Council (Jan. 2018)
Rev. Dr. Brian K. Blount
President, Union Presbyterian Seminary
Richmond, VA

Barbara T. Cain
Board, NC Presbyterian Historical Society
& Certified Archivist
Raleigh, NC

Rev. Dr. William E. Dudley
former Moderator, Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) Signal Mountain, TN

Rev. Dr. J. Howard Edington
retired long-time pastor to churches in
New York, Florida and Texas
Montreat, NC

Rev. Hunter Farrell
Director, World Missions Initiative
Pittsburgh, PA

Rev. Dr. Joan S. Gray
former Moderator, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Atlanta, GA

Rev. Dr. Thomas J. Hastings
Executive Director
Overseas Ministries Study Committee
New Haven, CT

Dr. Nathan O. Hatch
President, Wake Forest University
Winston-Salem, NC

Rev. Dr. Timothy P. McConnell
Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
Colorado Springs, CO (ECO)

Dr. Elsie Anne McKee
Professor, Reformation Studies and
the History of Worship
Princeton Theological Seminary
Princeton, NJ

Chairman's Advisory Council (Jan. 2018)
Dr. Susan Hardman Moore
Professor of Early Modern Religion and
Director of Postgraduate Studies
University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Dr. Michael Morgan
Scholar & Seminary Musician
Columbia Theological Seminary
Decatur, GA

Dr. Heath K. Rada
Former Moderator, Presbyterian Church (USA)
Montreat, NC

Rev. Dr. Randall T. Ruble
former President, Erskine College (ARP)
Due West, SC

Rev. Dr. Jim M. Singleton, Jr.
Associate Prof. of Pastoral Leadership & Evangelism
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
South Hamilton, MA

Rev. Wayne Sparkman
Director, Presbyterian Church of America (PCA)
Historical Center, St. Louis, MO

Rev. Dr. Scott W. Sunquist
Dean of the School of Intercultural Studies
and Professor of World Christianity
Fuller Theological Seminary
Pasadena, CA

Rev. Dr. Theodore J. Wardlaw
President, Austin Theological Seminary
Austin, TX