Finding Aid - Glass Lantern Slides

Mexico Mission - Box 2

Mexico  --  Glass Slides  --  Box 2 (c. 1890s through mid-1920s)134 - Graybill Memorial School, Zitacuaro
98           Market scene in Mexico City
111         Man dressed in knee britches & ruffled shirt
112         Govt. bldg at Chilpaneingo
120         Rev. & Mrs. Gomez?
122         Ranch house in Lewis’ field
123         Gomez cottage build by Graybill Mem’l School
126         High bridge over canyon-highest in Mexico, Zitacuaro
134         Graybill M. C., Zitacuaro school house, unfinished shops, dormitories, mill
141         On the way to Chilpancingo, small Aztec Indian village
146         Woman washing at Chilpancingo
149         Making tortillas
154-CaptBrentongrave154         Grave of Capt. Brenton, pioneer missionary, along Pacific coast
161         English class taught in Govt. school – Chilpancingo
169         Flour mill, shop bldg., class rooms, Gomez Cottage, Morrow Home
189         Mrs. Winnsborough & Morrow family on top of “Temple to the Winds”
202         Scene near Zitacuaro
203         Basket carriers, Zitacuaro
204         View from the brow of the hill – Zitacuaro
212         Plowing at G.M.S.
236         Man in uniform with horse
237         Woman (native?) sitting with child (white) by water pool
922         People on road
1169       Maria Carmona in front of home
1398       Graduates 1927 – Graybill Mem’l School – Zitacuaro, Mexico
1406       Group of boys & girls fathered & mothered by Rev. & Mrs. James H. Wray, Toluca
1446       Handwork & specimens of agric. products displayed at commencement G.M.S.
9887       A festival procession - Uruapan