This Week In History

Dec. 8, 1824

On Dec. 8, 1824, the first Presbyterian church in Florida was incorporated at St. Augustine. Organized during late 1823 and 1824, Rev. Dr. William McWhir helped organize what became First Presbyterian Church and is now known as Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Dec. 9, 1832

On Dec. 9, 1832, Rev. Alfred Wright (March 1, 1788 - March 31, 1853) founded the Wheelock Church in Indian Territory. A Presbyterian minister and missionary to the Choctaw in Mississippi since 1821, Rev. Wright and his wife, Harriett Bunce Wright (Sept. 19, 1779 - Oct. 3, 1863), decided to move with the Choctaws in 1832 when they were forcibly removed to Indian Territory (now Oklahoma). The church was the first part of the large Wheelock Mission, which included a school. Harriett Wright was one of the original two teachers at the school.

Dec. 11, 1932

On December 11, 1932, Presbyterian medical missionary and diplomat Horace Newton Allen died. Dr. Allen was the first Presbyterian missionary into Korea in 1884 when the country began allowing missionaries in. He saved the life of the Prince Min Young Ik, injured in an assassination attemp.