This Week In History

June 18, 1859

Ashbel Green SimontonOn June 19, 1859, Ashbel Green Simonton sailed from Baltimore to serve as the first missionary to Brazil with the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. He arrived in Rio de Janeiro on August 12..

June 19, 1910

Sonora Smart DoddOn June 19, 1910, the congregation of Centenary Presbyterian Church in Spokane, Washington, celebrated "Father's Day," at the suggestion of member Sonora Smart Dodd. The celebration would spread into a national observance..

June 21, 1851

Dr. Lillias Horton On June 21, 1851, Lillias Horton was born. Educated as a physician, she went to Korea in 1888 as a Prebyterian medical missionary. In 1889, Dr. Horton married the Reverend Horace G. Underwood, who was the first U. S. Presbyterian minister in Korea. In 1908, she wrote an account of her first 15 years in Korea: "Fifteen Years Among the Top-Knots or Life in Korea."

June 23, 1780

On June 23, 1780, the Battle of Springfield (NJ) occurred. Two weeks earlier on June 7, the wife (Hannah Ogden Caldwell) of Rev. James Caldwell was shot and killed in a house apparently by a British soldier while she was with some of her children. This murder infuriated and aroused the rebellion in New Jersey and the other colonies. On June 23 at the Battle of Springfield, when his company ran out of paper wadding to load bullets for their rifles, Chaplain Caldwell reportedly dashed into the Springfield Presbyterian Church (established in 1745), scooped up as many Isaac Watts hymnals as he could carry, and distributed them to the troops, shouting "put Watts into them, boys."

June 24, 1908

President Grover ClevelandOn June 24, 1908, former President Grover Cleveland died in Princeton, NJ. A Presbyterian, Cleveland (shown in 1903) served as a trustee of Princeton University after his presidency.