This Week In History

Oct. 22, 1746

College of New Jersey drawingOn October 22, 1746, a Royal Charter was granted to create the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). Organized by Presbyterian ministers, the College (shown in a 1764 drawing) opened in 1747 in Elizabethtown, NJ, before moving to Newark and then finally to Princeton.

Oct. 22, 1788

On October 22, 1788, the new Synod of Virginia met for the first time in the New Providence Church in the Valley of Virginia. The Presbyterian Church was reorganized after the Revolutionary War with the Synod of New York and Philadelphia being joined by the Synod of Virginia (with four presbyteries) and the Synod of the Carolinas, which met for the first time on November 5, 1788, representing three presbyteries.

Oct. 24, 1956

Ordination of Margaret TownerOn October 24, 1956, the Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery in New York ordained Reverend Margaret Towner, the first woman ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church (shown at her ordination ceremony). She also served as vice moderator of the 193rd General Assembly (1981) of the United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

Oct. 25, 1900

On October 25, 1900, the last missionary death occurred during the Boxer Rebellion. More than 130 missionaries were killed in the year-long uprising. The slain missionaries came from all denominations and became known as the China Martyrs of 1900. On June 30th, The American Presbyterian Mission lost Rev. & Mrs. Frank E. S. Simcox and their three children; Dr. and Mrs. C. V. R. Hodge; Dr. G. Y. Taylor.