This Week In History

September 30, 1770

On September 30, 1770, noted evangelist George Whitefield (shown) died in the manse of the Rev. Jonathan Parsons, Old South (First) Presbyterian Church of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Reverend Whitefield helped to trigger the first Great Awakening in America in the 1740s. Greatly influenced and aided by Reverend Whitefield, Parsons also was one of the Great Awakenings leading evangelists.

October 2, 1793

Robert Hett Chapman (1771 – 1833) was ordained Oct. 2, 1793, by the New York Presbytery. Rev. Chapman became pastor of the Rahway, NJ, Presbyterian Church. He later served as president of the University of North Carolina from 1812 – 1816.

October 3, 1755

On October 3, 1755, the Presbytery of Hanover in Virginia was formed by six Presbyterian ministers. Samuel Davies, John Todd, Alexander Craighead, Robert Henry, John Wright and John Brown organized the presbytery (now the Presbytery of the James), which was recognized by The Synod of New York as extending into the Deep South and westward to the frontiers. Reverend Davies preached the opening sermon of the new body. The first order of business was to set aside a day of fasting and a call to arms because of the outbreak of the French and Indian War (1755-1763).

October 3, 1797

On October 3, 1797, the Presbytery of Transylvania took under care the newly formed New Hope Presbyterian Church of Chillicothe in the Northwestern Territory, founded by Rev. William Speer (1764-1829) with local families. The church is now the First Presbyterian Church of Chillicothe, Ohio.