This Week In History

July 22, 1952

Louisa WoosleyOn July 22, 1952, The Cumberland Presbyterian reported the June 30th death of Louisa M. Woosley, the first woman ordained as a minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1889 by the Nolin Presbytery. Her ordination was ordered revoked in 1894, but the Nolin Presbytery refused. She transferred her name to minister in transit, which was the status until 1913 when she was added to the church's ministerial list. She was 90 years old at her death and had spent much time in evangelistic work.

July 23, 1764

Gilbert TennentOn July 23, 1764, the Rev. Gilbert Tennent (shown) died in Philadelphia. He was then pastor of Second Presbyterian Church. Son of the "Log College" founder Rev. William Tennent, Gilbert's sermon "On the Danger of an Unconverted Ministry" help split the Presbyterian Church into the New Side and Old Side (1741 - 1758). Gilbert Tennent later worked to create a reunion. He was born on Feb. 5, 1703 in Northern Ireland.

July 26, 1759

Rev. Samuel DaviesOn July 26, 1759, the Rev. Samuel Davies (shown) was inaugurated as president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University).

July 28, 1648

On July 28, 1648, the Westminster Shorter Catechism was adopted by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland at Edinburgh.