Mission Exhibits-Events

The Presbyterian Heritage Center creates at least one world or home mission exhibit each year, as well as numerous special events — such as the International Symposium on the American Presbyterian Congo Mission, lectures and more. Click to see a partial listing of mission history exhibits and events over the past decade.
During 2020 & 2021, PHC will display the current "Missions to Central America & the Caribbean," plus we will explore "Conflicts & Culture: Native Americans & Presbyterian Missions."

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Special exhibits by the Presbyterian Heritage Center in Montreat for 2020 are:
C. S. Lewis, Inklings & Friends (Tolkien, Sayers)
Montreat Summer Clubs & Camps
Communion Tokens; Civil Rights; Child Labor; Missions
The PHC offers innovative exhibits, multi-media kiosks and much more on the history of Montreat, as well as the heritage of the entire Presbyterian and Reformed Churches and their worldwide missions.
We are temporarily closed
due to the virus threat.

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The Presbyterian Heritage Center at Montreat offers innovative educational options for local churches, as well as a series of programs onsite in our facility in Montreat. Our educational materials are available via downloads or DVDs. We offer a variety of programs & special events — including confirmation classes on history of Presbyterians and the Reformation, live interactive performances, costumed re-enactors and storytelling, educational booklets (Discover), DVDs, crafts, exhibits and more!
We are temporarily closed
due to the virus threat

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Virtual Fourth

While the covid-19 threat has eliminated the July Fourth Parade in Montreat, the Presbyterian Heritage Center is presenting a special Virtual Fourth online — beginning the day before the holiday. View videos of Montreat Parades, as well as historics photos of past July 4ths from the 1930s through the present.

Pix & Videos

Games, Videos, Social Media

View selected picture jigsaws online
as well as videos, the PHC blog, Facebook, etc.
You can find them under the Media menu button.
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The Presbyterian Heritage Center has four collections:
Library of reference books and periodicals,
Archives (documents),
Photography & film, and
Artifact objects

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due to the virus threat.

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Artifacts 360 Rotation

View selected PHC artifacts in a 360 degree view.

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The Presbyterian Heritage Center sponsors major conferences every 12 - 18 months.
The largest gathering for a C.S. Lewis & Inklings conference was conducted by the Presbyterian Heritage Center in Montreat, NC, November 6 - 8, 2019. Click to see pictures of the event attended by more than 620 people.

We are temporarily closed
due to the virus threat.

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Photos & Multimedia

Notable Presbyterian

Rev. John Chavis was the first black minister ordained by the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America.

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  • “Shadow & Light in the Land of the Rising Sun”

    Japan Missions, 1859 - Today, by the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches

  • “John Knox & the Scottish Reformation”

    Lesson plans, presentations, video clips allow you to explore the pivotal and exciting life of John Knox.

  • “History of the English Language Bible”

    From Wycliffe to Tyndale to the Geneva Bible to the King James version, these materials explore the life-and-death legacy of the English Bible during the first 100 years of the Reformation.

Events & Programs

Virtual July 4th Parade

Since there was NO July 4th Parade this year in Montreat, due to the covid-19 threat, the Presbyterian Heritage Center has an online virtual July 4th Parade — videos and pictures — through the decades. Click here.

Temporarily Closed

Due to the covid-19 virus threat and North Carolina executive orders, the PHC and other museums in the state are closed temporarily.