360 Degree Rotated Views of Selected Artifacts

Kuba Royal Mask — Bwoom (Congo)

Bwoom maskIn the Congo, the Kuba Kingdom mythology is centered around three figures that are represented by a masked characters: one being that of Woot (the creator of the ruling dynasty), Woot’s spouse, and Bwoom. The attributed identity of Bwoom varies. It has been said that Bwoom is representative of the king’s younger brother, a person of Twa (pygmy) descent, a commoner, or one who opposes the king’s authority. Click below to see a 360 degree rotation of mask.

PHC, Elizabeth G. Grier Collection. The Presbyterian Heritage Center has one of the top archives in the U.S. of Congo art and artifacts from the 18th - early 20th centuries, contained in numerous donor collections — i.e. McCutchen-Stixrud, Reynolds, Sheppard, Grier, Hoffeld.
320x180 pixel video (shown below)

Open 1280x720 pixels view -- of Bwoom Mask.

Appalachian Folk Art — Denial of Peter (Wood Sculpture)

Walker carving - Denial of PeterThe Gospels are depicted by Appalachian characters is this series of 29 carvings by the Rev. John Mack Walker. This 1975 carving shows a Denial of Peter passage with Reverend Walker's interpretation.
Walnut, 19.5” x 15” x 12”
Mark 14: 66 – 72

PHC, John Mack Walker Collection.
320x180 pixel video (shown below)

Open 1280x720 pixels view -- of Denial of Peter sculpture.