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American Presbyterian Missionaries Killed
During 1900 in the Boxer Rebellion

The photos at right show the American Presbyterian missionaries slain on June 30, 1900, during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion.

At top are Mrs. May Gilson Simcox and the Rev. Frank Edson S. Simcox, with two of their children, Paul and Francis, between them. Frank Simcox was born on April 30, 1867 in Bullion (Venango County), Pennsylvania. He graduated from Grove City College in 1890. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church of Grove City. He graduated in May 1893 from Western Theological Seminary and was ordained. He married on June 7 and they sailed to China as missionaries in September. His wife, May Gilson, was born in February 1863 in London, Pennsylvania. She also graduated from Grove City College in 1890. She was a high school teacher for three years. They had three small children, Paul, Francis and Margaret.

In the middle of the photos are Dr. George Yardley Taylor. Taylor was born on May 18, 1862, in Taylorsville (Bucks County), Pennsylvania. He joined the Burlington, N.J., Presbyterian Church in 1883, and attended the Van Rennselear Seminary and Princeton University. In 1885, he obtained a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He was appointed a medical missionary for the Presbyterian Church in 1887. He worked for 12 years in China at Pao-ting-fu alone, until joined by Dr. C. V. R. Hodge.

At the bottom are Mrs. Hodge and Dr. Cortlandt Van Rennsselear Hodge. He was born on July 1, 1872, and was a member of the Burlington, N.J., Presbyterian Church. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania as a doctor in 1897. He was commissioned in 1898 as a medical missionary by the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions and sent to be an assistant to Dr. Taylor.

Elsie Campbell Sinclair married Dr. Hodge on February 1899. She was born on December 15, 1874, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was educated at Bryn Mawr College, Class of 1897.

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