2023 PHC Conferences

National Missionaries Summit:
Celebrating Missionaries & Their History
How Missions Can Be Revived in the 21st Century

Sept. 7 - 8, 2023

Missions are evolving. From denomination-directed to local church missions, this unique national summit will bring together missionaires, families, denominational leaders and church lay leaders supporting mission work.

New ways of creating and operating missions will be explored, as well as in-depth discussions and breakout sessions. Such topics as "How Can Missions Cope With A Pandemic & Post-Pandemic World" will be

world mapThe summmit is an oppportunity to discuss strategies for the future, while honoring the past missions and missionaries. There will be a special celebration of missionaries, their families and the programs that helped change the world in the 20th Century.

During the covid-19 pandemic, numerous obstacles faced missionaries — quarantines, country borders closed, health risks and perceived risks, limited options in communications in some missions, and much more!

Registration opens February 17, 2023.

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Registration Costs
for Mission Summit conference

$100/person registered from February - July 10, 2023;    $125/person registered from July 11 - Sept. 5, 2023;     Registrations may be limited dur to space.    

Registration covers the program lectures and panels, plus it includes a dinner and a lunch; refreshments at the plenary session breaks, as well as helping to cover general meeting expenses (equipment, audio-visuals, meeting room charges, speaker expenses, etc.).