This Week In History

September 28, 1853

On September 28, 1853, the first commencement was held at Waynesburg (PA) College (Presbyterian), which started in 1849 and was chartered in 1850.

September 29, 1775David McConaughy

On September 29, 1775, the Rev. Dr. David McConaughy (right) was born at Menellen, Pennsylvania. McConaughy graduated from Dickinson College and was ordained on October 5, 1797 as a Presbyterian minister by the New Castle Presbytery. Serving as a traveling minister for a while, he became pastor of the congregation at Upper Marsh Creek (outside of Gettsyburg, PA) in October 1800. In 1813, the church moved into Gettysburg and is now the Gettysburg Presbyterian Church. After serving as the head of the Gettsyburg Academy school from about 1820 to 1825, Rev. McConaughy became president of Washington College in Washington, PA, on Dec. 21, 1831. He served until 1849 and died on Jan. 29, 1852.

September 30, 1770

OGeorge Whitefieldn September 30, 1770, noted evangelist George Whitefield (shown) died in the manse of the Rev. Jonathan Parsons, Old South (First) Presbyterian Church of Newburyport, Massachusetts. Reverend Whitefield helped to trigger the first Great Awakening in America in the 1740s. Greatly influenced and aided by Reverend Whitefield, Parsons also was one of the Great Awakenings leading evangelists.

October 1, 1912James Skinner

On October 1, 1912, the Texas-Mexican Industrial Institute in Kingsville, Texas, opened with 50 boys of Mexican descent and led by the Rev. James W. Skinner, president from 1912 - 1931. The school was approved by the Presbyterian Synod of Texas in 1910. In 1956, the school merged with the Presbyterian School for Mexican Girls (opened in October 1924) to form the Presbyterian Pan American School.