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December 4, 1861Rev. Joseph Ruggles Wilson

On Dec. 4, 1861, 93 commissioners from 47 presbyteries met in Augusta, Georgia, to form the Presbyterian Church in the Confederate States of America (later known as the Presbyterian Church in the United States). The meeting was held at the First Presbyterian Church, where the Rev. Joseph Ruggles Wilson (1822 - 1903, shown at right) was pastor. At the time, he also was the father of five-year-old Woodrow Wilson, future President of the United States. This southern branch remained separate until 1983, when it reunited with the northern branch, the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A., to form today's Presbyterian Church of the United States of America.

December 5, 1836

On Dec. 5, 1836, The New York Theological Seminary (chartered in 1839 as Union Theological Seminary) in New York City opened its doors for teaching. On that day, 13 students appeared at the President's (Rev. Thomas McAuley) house at No. 112 Leonard Street to enroll and start a class.

December 6, 1824

On Dec. 6, 1824, and on Dec. 5, 1831, Rev. Reuben Post was named chaplain of the U. S. House of Representatives. He also served as the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Washington, D.C. (1819 - 1836). Reverend Post then accepted a call to the Circular Church in Charleston, SC, in February 1836, where he finished his career. He died in Charleston in 1858.

December 7, 1846

On Dec. 7, 1846, Presbyterian Rev. Dr. William T. S. Sprole was appointed chaplain of U.S. House of Representatives.