This Week In History

October 19, 1893

On October 19, 1893, Presbyterian Missionary to China Rev. John Livingston Nevius died. Nevius (March 4, 1829 - Oct. 19, 1893) promoted the strategy that missions should work to establish self-propagating, self-supporting, self-governing indigenous churches from the very beginning. The theory also was espused in slightly different form by Henry Venn and Rufus Anderson. Nevius (shown at right) was very influential in getting the theory put into practice by the Presbyterian missions to Korea. Nevius articulated this mission concept in the Chinese Recorder journal during 1885 and published a book — The Planting and Development of Missionary Churches — in 1886. He served in China from 1854 till his death.

October 20, 1819

On October 20, 1819, the Rev. William Henry Foote (1794 - 1869) was licensed as a Presbyterian minister. An active pastor, Foote today is still read and remembered for his history books — Sketches of North Carolina (1846), Sketches of Virginia (1850 and 1855) and The Huguenots, 1870. He served Virginia churches as well as being an agent for the Board of Foreign Missions in Virginia and North Carolina during 1838 - 1845.

October 21, 2007

The Malibu Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) was destroyed in the California wild fires on Sunday, Oct. 21, 2007.

October 22, 1788

On October 22, 1788, the new Synod of Virginia met for the first time in the New Providence Church in the Valley of Virginia. The Presbyterian Church was reorganized after the Revolutionary War with the Synod of New York and Philadelphia being joined by the Synod of Virginia (with four presbyteries) and the Synod of the Carolinas, which met for the first time on November 5, 1788, representing three presbyteries.