This Week In History

August 10, 1877

On August 10, 1877, Amanda McFarland, a dedicated Presbyterian missionary, took charge of the mission school at Fort Wrangell, Alaska. The wife of a Presbyterian minister from Illinois, McFarland and her husband opened a mission to the New Mexico Indians in 1867 and later to the Nez Pierce in the 1870s. For a time, she was the only Protestant missionary in Alaska.

August 11, 1847

On August 11, 1847, Presbyterian missionary Charles Williams Forman sails for India. With early missionary pioneer to India (1835) the Rev. John Newton, Forman will begin missionary work at Lahore (now in Pakistan). He will spend more than forty years in the Punjab. In 1864, he founds a college in Lahore that becomes known as the Forman Christian College.

August 12, 1859Rev. Ashbell Green Simonton

On August 12, 1859, Rev. Ashbel Green Simonton (1833 - 1867), shown, was the first Presbyterian missionary to Brazil. He arrived in Rio de Janeiro on the merchant ship Banshee.

August 13, 1947

On August 13, 1947, Chaplain Alexander J. McKelway (Presbyterian) was appointed Director of Chaplain Service for the Department of Veteran Affairs.