This Week In History

May 2, 1559John Knox

On May 2, 1559, John Knox returns to Scotland after spending several years on the Continent studying and writing. He returned to Scotland to help lead the Reformation there. The next year he would lead five others in writing the Scottish Confession of Faith (1560).

May 3, 1738Rev. George Whitefield

On May 3, 1738, English preacher George Whitefield arrived in America for the first of eventually 7 visits. It is his preaching that ignites the Great Awakening in the colonies and splits Presbyterians and ministers in the New Side and Old Side.

May 5, 1816Elias Boudinot

On May 5, 1816, the American Bible Society was formed in New York City. One of the founders, Presbyterian Elias Boudinot became the society's first president in 1816. During 1817, the society distributed its first Bibles to the crew of the USS John Adams, as well as to the Steuben County Bible Society. Boudinot was former President of the Continental Congress and later a U.S. Congressman.