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This Week In History

July 26, 1759

ORev. Samuel Daviesn July 26, 1759, the Rev. Samuel Davies (shown) was inaugurated as president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University). Rev. Davies had served as minister in Virginia and had raised funds to create the college.

July 27, 1681

On July 27, 1681, the Rev. Donald Cargill was martyred in Edinburgh during the years-long conflict between Scottish Episcopalians and Presbyterians. The Church of Scotland became Presbyterian permanently through the Act of Succession in 1690.

July 28, 1648

On July 28, 1648, the Westminster Shorter Catechism was adopted by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland at Edinburgh.

July 28, 1881

John Greshem MachenOn July 28, 1881, American Presbyterian theologian John Gresham Machen was born in Baltimore. He led a revolt against modern theology and on June 11, 1936, he and others founded the Presbyterian Church of America in Philadelphia in a split from the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. A suit by the PC(USA) caused the separated new denomination to rename itself the Orthodox Presbyerian Church in 1939. OPC is a separate denomination from the founding in 1973 of another Presbyterian Church in America. Rev. Machen died on Jan. 1, 1937.