This Week In History

May 24, 1854Rev. John Miller Dickey

On May 24, 1854, Presbyterians founded the first black college in the United States — Ashmun Institute in Pennsylvania. Renamed Lincoln University in 1866, the school was founded by the Rev. Dr. John Miller Dickey, and his wife, Sarah Emlen Cresson.

May 25, 1824

On May 25, 1824, the non-denominational American Sunday School Union (ASSU) was formed to promote such schools and to produce materials. The ASSU model is based on the 1816 adult Sunday School union created by Presbyterian Alexander Henry in Philadelphia.

May 26, 1858

On May 26, 1858, The United Presbyterian Church of North America was formed by the merger of the Associate and the Associate Reformed Presbyterian churches in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

May 27, 1745

On May 27, 1745, the Synod of Philadelphia (Old Side) recognized the separate Synod of New York (New Side), formed by the Presbytery of New York and the Presbytery of New Brunswick. This was part of the first temporary schism (1741 - 1758) in the Presbyterian church.